ISU Exercise Clinic

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  • ·1 indicates you are happy with your current exercise plan and do not want to work with a fitness expert.
    ·5 indicates you absolutely want to work with a fitness expert.
  • You will receive a free comprehensive health screening annually which includes:
    • Full-Body Bone Mineral Density & Bone Composition (DEXA)
    • Body Shape, Posture & Balance Analysis
    • Cardiovascular Function (Arterial Stiffness, Blood Pressure)
    • Blood Lipids & Glucose Profiles
    • Diet, Physical Activity, Fitness & Function
    • Sleep Quality & Quantity
    • Cognition, Mental Health & Dementia Screening
  • Common health behaviors targeted with health coaching include:
    • Exercise habituation
    • Smoking cessation
    • Sleep
    • Stress
    • Nutrition
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